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There is certainly some debate about whether bee pollen allergies exist or not. There are quite a few people who are allergic to bee stings. In fact, some people have severe reactions and go into anaphylactic shock, which means there throat can swell shut.

The fact is that bee pollen allergies can be quite severe to fairly mild or relatively unnoticeable. It would be advisable to consult with your physician or an allergist to determine whether a bee pollen supplement will give you the same problems that a bee sting would.

On the one hand, the allergy to stings is related to the venom itself and not to the bee or to the pollen. A small percentage of the population will likely not be able to consume bee products.

In some cases, the bee pollen has actually helped some allergic reactions. This occurs through a process called de-sensitization. The supplement is taken in small doses by the person with the allergies to bring about the slow de-sensitization process.

A supplement company in New Zealand uses a pure source of the pollen, that is immediately converted to powder form without the use of chemicals. It includes enzymes that help in absorbing, digesting and assimilation. This process helps to enhance the purity of this natural substance.

If the pollen is in granule form, then this could produce some allergic reactions in people who are susceptible. If your bee pollen allergies are mild then slowly introducing this supplement into your daily diet may prove to be beneficial.

Studies Conducted

A British physician, Dr. Leo Conway M.D treats his hay fever patients with bee pollen. His findings indicate that during the first year of treatment the patients symptoms have been reduced. During the second year the symptoms have completely disappeared. This is certainly a unique and open minded way of treating an allergy.

One of the most important factors when considering the source of your bee pollen supplement is the location that it is harvested. You should avoid products from China as the potential for contamination is there. There is a lot of industrialized pollution in China, which could seriously affect the purity of the extracted pollen.

A country like New Zealand is an excellent source of this natural substance. This is because of it's remote location and pristine environment.

Don't let minor bee pollen allergies prevent you from using this amazing natural supplement that can increase your energy and improve your immune system.

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Bee pollen that is sourced in the pristine lands of New Zealand is the most natural and pure source we have come across.

If you looking for an energy boost using an all natural substance then visit my website to find out more bee pollen facts today.

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Bee Pollen Allergies – Find Out More!

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This article was published on 2011/06/10