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Bee pollen complex is being touted as the wonder supplement of the century. It is considered a "Super Food" because of its high levels of vitamins and minerals. B pollen has been used for its nutritional value since ancient times. The Greeks, Egyptians and Asian cultures have all used it for medicinal purposes they even use it for a beauty treatment.


The bees collect it from the plants and this is the substance that sustains the entire hive. There are studies that show several generations of mice surviving on nothing more than b pollen with no ill effects what so ever. Bee pollen complex has all of the nutrition needed to not only survive but these mice also maintain a good body weight. That means the stuff is truly nutritionally complete.


If you need a diet with full nutritional support then this is the supplement that has it all. All of the B-complex vitamins and vitamins A,C,D, E and K, it even has folic acid. That is not the half of it. You can get all of minerals and it has 22 amino acids, these are the building blocks that your body needs.


The human body can only produce half of the amino acids it needs to function, the rest we have to get from the foods we eat. With vegetables being grown in soil that has been depleted of its nutrients it is getting harder to get these.


Bee pollen complex is full of anti-oxidants, hormones and more than 5000 enzymes and coenzymes; these are needed for digestion and for healing. We know this substance best for tis energy boosting attributes. In truth the energy enhancers are the B-complex vitamins; their primary function is oxidation and energy production. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and these are what build muscle mass.


Bee pollen complex has become a very popular supplement for athletes in all fields. Runners, boxers, gymnast and bodybuilders are adding it to their regimens. It is said to make them stronger, faster and leaner. This is also a great supplement for students. The pollen is easily assimilated by the body and the carbs are turned to glucose giving the brain immediate access to the fuel it needs to remain alert, clear and focused.


Bee pollen complex was once referred to as the food of the "GODS" now science has been able to see exactly why that was the case. The food is so perfect the ancients felt only gods should eat it. Be careful where you purchase this food from, since it is also a food that can be damaged by pollution.

We personally would like to invite you to share in our pristine source for this wonder food. Follow the link below to order yours.


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Bee Pollen Complex

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This article was published on 2011/08/11