List Of Superfoods That Could Render An Individual's Life Healthy And Strong

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In these concluding part of the series, we will learn about six more superfoods that can make a difference to our lives by making us healthy and free from disease. Contributing to a better quality of life, learn how these list> fight aging and give you a shot at good health.

Prior parts of this series showed us that superfoods offers many nutrients.They offer huge benefits at the same time so in effect, you get more nutrition with few amount of food that you eat. Earlier parts also explained why we should consume superfoods.These nutrient rich foods helps in flushing out toxins more frequently and leaving you with a healthy body. Superfoods are also known for their role in keeping weight under control and for helping us become healthy without relying on inactive vitamins and mineral supplements.

11. Camu Camu - If you thought that tanking up on Vitamin C will keep colds away, you're right.But don't depend on just citrus fruits for this. Have a look at the Camu Camu berry, which can be found in the South American rainforests. You may be surprised to learn that while a lemon can contain 0.5% of Vitamin C, the Camu Camu berry contains 4%, the highest amount of Vitamin C in any botanical source! A huge leap indeed.

Camu Camu berry is not just full of Vitamin C but also contains calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. Amino acids such as leucine, serine and valine are also present in this excellent superfood and other vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.

Below are few of the benefits of the Camu Camu berry:

-With the large amount of Vitamin C content, it ensures your immune system works in a top condition
-Helps improve your eyesight drastically
-Excellent for the skin
-Makes colds and other viral infections away
-Maintains your tendons, collagen and ligaments strong
-Making and keeping your lungs healthy
-Functions at lowering the inflammation considerably
-Regular consumption of Camu Camu helps you keep your cool in stressful times
-Maintains and aids organs like eyes, brains, heart, skin and liver in excellent working condition

Camu Camu berry is available as a dried powder form which can be used in different ways.You can add it to juices and smoothies or you can mix it with water to make an instant health drink.The Camu Camu berry powder is flavorful and tangy in taste so it's a pleasure to consume it.Consume it in moderation because excessive consumption could lead to diarrhea.

12. Noni - This Polynesian fruit has been in the news for quite some time and all for the best possible factors.Noni fruit starts acknowledgement from people around the world for it's benefits and researchers are giving it the superfood status. At first, noni fruit has a strong smell and the taste is not palatable, but it takes a bit of getting used to. Regardless of its taste however, the noni is one of the most wonderful gifts of nature as it is power packed with nutrients that can fight numerous diseases and has lots of other benefits for you as well:

-Rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals effectively, keeping you younger and healthier
-Other compounds such as selenium help in preserving the skin shiny, fresh and healthy
-Xeronine that works wonders for your cell structure and aids in cell regrowth
-Glycosides fight free radicals while scopoletin has anti-inflammatory qualities
-A fascinating new study shows that noni helps stimulate the white blood cells and kick starts the immune system to function efficiently.

Its juice is highly popular now although noni can be consumed fresh. Definitely, some of its effectiveness is compromised when mixed with sugar, so if you happen to visit tropical islands, make sure to blend the noni fruit with coconut water and chug it down because it's and excellent and tasty of consuming it. Noni powders are now available that can be mixed with juices and smoothies. Noni leaves are also consumed in the form of tea.

13. Bee Pollen - Products coming from bee are gaining slowly a worldwide acceptance for its nutrition and people are waking up to the fact that bee products are natural and wholesome superfoods.Bee pollen, a relatively unknown bee product has become widely famous for the numerous health benefits it offers.A common thing to all superfoods is the antioxidant levels which are really high in bee pollen.These antioxidants helps you to a healthier and longer life.

-Bee pollen is famous for its excellence as an aphrodisiac and is famous to increase sexual health
-If you're low on stamina, why not try bee pollen? It helps you bounce back faster after exercise and lets you increase your performance levels
-To those who suffers from allergies should be relieved to know that bee pollen lowers histamine production which is the key cause of allergies
-There are lots of B vitamins in bee pollen that works wonders for your skin and prevents wrinkling and aging
-Bee pollen is also great for those who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes because it restores mineral and metabolic deficiencies
-Bee pollen is also known to help those who have colitis, constipation, anemia and bronchitis
-Bee pollen has an astonishing number of vitamins - eighteen in all, fourteen fatty acids and is 15% lecithin
-Bee pollen actually has more protein than meat, eggs or cheese.

14. Propolis - Propolis is a resin that bees collect from tree bark and use it in the honeycomb as a sort of veneer or glue, which filled up cracks and helped create doorways. What's amazing is that propolis is actually a nutrient packed superfood that people are recognizing now for its amazing disease fighting powers. It's as good as penicillin, only better. If that's confusing, read on:

-Propolis is antibacterial, antifungal and a completely natural antibiotic that does not produce unfavorable side effects
-It is packed with flavonoids which help in healing wounds faster and better. In fact when it is applied topically, it fights all sorts of bacteria and microorganisms
-Propolis contains minerals, amino acids, fats, vitamin E, C , provitamin A and B complex
-The bioflavonoids in propolis are extremely useful in repairing the blood vessels and making capillaries stronger
-Studies have indicated that propolis was one of the ways in which mouth ulcer could be controlled
-Research has shown that propolis helps in the treatment of arthritis, asthma and various other allergies
-It's also interesting to learn that propolis works against MRSA, the bacteria that actually resists antibiotics and causes danger to many patients

15. Honey - By honey, we don't mean the supermarket variety that you normally use to drizzle over toast or pancakes. Have you ever considered the differences in that honey and raw, organic honey? The top most one is that the latter is a superfood, recognized the world over for its immense healing and beneficial properties. One doesn't need an introduction to honey. We've been brought up on it. But you need to know that raw honey is indeed special and has some benefits that you were probably unaware of. For instance, did you know that:

-Raw unprocessed honey is the richest source of live, healing enzymes which go a long way in sharpening your IQ and making you more mentally alert
-Honey has medicinal benefits and can be used to heal wounds as well
-Honey can help people suffering from diarrhea, infections, gastrointestinal problems and various other ailments by alleviating their symptoms greatly
-Honey is easily digestible and is a great energy boost for the body

When buying honey, look for raw and organic honey that has not been processed and is stored in glass jars.

16. Royal Jelly - Here is another little know bee product that has gained the status of superfood in recent times. Royal jelly is a thick, milky substance that is secreted from the pharyngeal glands of a special group of nurse bees. Bees that are reserved for becoming a queen bees are fed with royal jelly while worker bees are fed only with pollen and honey. While this bit of information is fascinating for those interested in apiculture, what is more enticing is that royal jelly is an excellent source of nutrition and offers great benefits to us as well. Here's how it can help:

-Royal jelly contains B5 and other B vitamins as well as amino acids and a host of minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and manganese.
-Royal jelly gives a burst of energy. It's like caffeine without the flip side
-It contains a good amount of pantothenic acid and has an ideal blend of proteins, fats and carbohydrates
-Acetylcholine is an important fluid that is required for the proper functioning of nerve impulses between nerve fibers and this helps in thinking properly.
-Royal jelly is a abundant source of acetylcholine and even helps those suffering from Alzheimer's
-Helps in the treatment of glandular and hormonal disorders
-Prevents atherosclerosis and fights heart ailments as well
-Research with cancer cells has shown that royal jelly has a significant effect upon them, particularly in reducing them, truly making it an amazing superfood

Royal jelly is available as a variety of products be it capsules, tablets or powder. But you can also get fresh royal jelly by purchasing it from beekeepers who collect it directly from the bee hives. Royal jelly is also recognized for its cosmetic properties like removing wrinkles and keeping the skin rejuvenated and young.

Day to day, scientists and researchers are hurling more light on hitherto unknown list of superfoods, making us realize that we have a veritable treasure trove when it comes to health giving foods. We only have to study how to derive the maximum benefit from it.
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Amazing list of superfoods than can make difference in your life. Find out how to live longer and stay fit.

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List Of Superfoods That Could Render An Individual's Life Healthy And Strong

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List Of Superfoods That Could Render An Individual's Life Healthy And Strong

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