Super Foods Like Bee Pollen To Use Daily

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This world today is filled with supplements and other concoctions that individuals have a hard time understanding what they exactly do. Bee pollen starts out as a seed that grow in various plants and flowers in the wild. Many people today take this as a daily regimen to supplement some of the nutrients that their body is lacking. Many take this just before their allergy season starts to boost the immune system and combat the allergy within.

With a host of different health benefits, many of the multi vitamins that are out on the market today add bee pollen to them as an added selling and health improvement. Claims are that this substance can curb appetite and has many in the diet industry looking at ways to incorporate this into their products as well. As for the way it is taken there are a few to choose from. Some prefer using the granules and sprinkle it on food, mix it with a protein shake, or just in water as a tonic of sorts.
What you dont realize that bee pollen is the universes way of propagating life. Pollen is natures primal sperm, the very essence of the sun and energy formed into a sperm like substance for the sole purpose of creating life. The full and all inclusive complex of vitamins, (over 4,000+ known) enzymes, amino acids, minerals, and other phytonutrients are just added benefits to supplementing your days with bee pollen.

Now, if you go over the recommended amount there can be repercussions and the process also affects the body differently and side effects could occur. There are some that get carried away with this and could permanently harm the body. Many people who take bee pollen religiously have a tendency to overdo the process, thinking there could be a cleansing the might occur; this is called mega dosing but may not be as harmful as some might think. It definitely depends on the person and what level of nutrient deficiency they are at. There have been no reports of hospitalization and is considered safe by todays standards.

Taking some time to visit with your doctor on a test he can perform to find out what your body is taking and what food supplements to use for each case. It is important to get good medical advice in taking these food supplements with bee pollen and vitamins weather they are sold with or without a prescription.
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Super Foods Like Bee Pollen To Use Daily

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This article was published on 2011/01/08